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Laser Timing Tool Kit - BMW N51,52,53,54

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Laser Timing Tool Kit - BMW N51,52,53,54




Technical Info

  • Additional Information: Applications: Models: 323i, 325i, 523i, Z4, X3, 130i, 330i, 530i, 630i, 730i, 528i, X1, 125i, 525i, 740i, X6, 135i, 335i, 3 0 M Coupe
  • Additional Information: Engine Codes: N52 B25A, N52 B25AE, N52 B25AF, N52 B25BE, N52 B25O1, N52 B25O2, N52 B30A, N52 B30AF, N52 B30O2, N52 B30U1,,N52K B25A/O1, N52K B25AE, N52K B25U1, N52K B30A, N52K, B30A/O1, N52K B30AE, N52K B30AF, N53 B25A, N53 B30A,N53 B30A/O0, N53 B30UO,
  • Additional Information: Instructions supplied along with online application list
  • Additional Information: Made in Sheffield - Cam Locking Bridge registered design
  • Additional Information: Supplied in metal case with foam insert

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